Burj Khalifa architect unveils ‘dragon’ tower in Seoul

AS+GG, the firm founded by Burj Khalifa architect Adrian Smith, has revealed a daring twin tower scheme in Seoul, South Korea, with an outer skin that resembles the scales of mythical Korean dragons.

The ‘scales’ of the aptly named Dancing Dragon towers are also functional, with gaps between the overlapping panels serving to ventilate and cool the building.

Located in the new Yongsan International Business District, AS+GG’s scheme includes a mix of residential, office and retail uses.

In each tower, a series of slender, sharply angled mini-towers are cantilevered around a central core.  The two towers, which measure 450m and 390m in height, share an architectural language yet are not identical.

“It’s always important for our designs to reflect and interpret the cultures they serve, and the Dancing Dragons complex certainly does that, although in an abstract and highly technological manner,” Smith said in a statement.