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Buildings of the future will be constructed off-site says David Fisher

Skyscrapers of future will be constructed completely off-site,  said David Fisher, architect behind the Dynamic Tower planned for Dubai, who spoke at today’s Smart Skycrapers Summit in Dubai.

Sustainability is a large focus for the Dynamic Tower, and building off-site is one of the ways of keeping the building sustainable.

“The most basic sustainable element of the Dynamic Tower is that it is built off-site. This allows you to save on materials, you don’t have waste as you would have on a regular construction site. On a normal hotel building around the world, contingency makes up around 24% waste,” Fisher told designMENA.

“If you do anything in a factory, it results in a guaranteed 3% of extra cost.

“We will construct the building from a ship yard, not just any off-site location but with people who know how to build huge things. The area is as long as a skyscraper is tall. It can be 5metres long.”

Fisher commented on how little the construction industry has evolved since humans first started building, and that off-site building will be a step towards the future.

“Today we build not far away from how Egyptians built the Pyramids. They use the same cranes that are used to build skyscrapers from all over the world, bringing building materials up to the building. It is unbelievable. It is time consuming and cost consuming. So how much has really changed in the last 3000 years? Not very much.”

Fisher’s architecture practice Dynamic Architecture is currently working on low-cost housing with the same off-site method.

“We have already started in two countries to develop the same concept. We call them dynamic buildings but that doesn’t mean that they have to move [like the Dynamic Tower]. Dynamic in the sense that everything is in motion, the technology is in motion.

So we are going to build low-cost housing, schools, hospitals with the same method of off-site production. Every building should be built off-site,” he said.

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