Brutalist Bond-villain style home set for meltdown Greece

Greece is facing financial meltdown but an ambitious new architectural project is still on track.

With a roof doubling up as a swimming pool and a stunning view out to sea, few people would guess that a stunning home is set to be built in the economically threatened nation.

Resembling the lair of a James Bond villain Casa Brutale has been designed to be built into cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea. It is described by Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) as “a chameleonic living space, created to serve its owner and respect the environment.”

“Casa Brutale redefines the harmonious coexistence of human and nature in a poetic homage to pure Brutalism,” said the architects.

As well as a swimming pool, the home contains a master bedroom, a guest room, a sculpted fireplace, a concrete dining table and benches.

The project will be built from basic materials, predominantly heavy concrete slabs, glass and wood.

The architects said: “Casa Brutale is OPA’s challenging vision of innovative architecture, where innovation refers to long forgotten terms such as ambience and materiality.

“Its subtle form allows for the magnificent view and the game of light and shadow to take center stage. The residence is constructed with simple materials: wood, glass and concrete, the convergence of the surrounding earth and water.

“The landscape is integral to the underlying concept, since elements penetrate and prevail over the construction. The roof of Casa Brutale, a glazed bottom swimming pool, is a continuation of the poetic Aegean Sea and in perfect communication with the vast blue of the Greek sky.”