BMW, Hong Kong, Ove Arup & Partners, Pei Partnership Architects

BMW sustainable dealership awaits LEED Gold status

In collaboration with Pei Partnership Architects and Ove Arup & Partners, Hong Kong, BMW has opened a dealership that consumes 30% less energy than normal buildings, in Beijing.

Wind turbines, solar heating and photovoltaic panels installed on the 1,500m2 roof, supply 5% of annual energy requirements while natural light will illuminate 75% of the office area thanks to extensive glass walls and inner courtyards.

In addition, 90% of the water used for washing cars will be recovered, and rainwater, including runoff from the green roof, will be collected and recycled reducing the overall water consumption by 50%.

The central air conditioning system groundwater heat pumps use the geothermal energy found in groundwater for heating and cooling purposes.

“This project places us at the centre of, and allows us to participate in, the two most significant environmental movements of our day: the high priority placed by the government of China on improving the environment of that vast nation and the great importance given by the leaders of the automotive industry to reduce the impact of the automobile on the environment,” said Sandi Pei, co-founder, Pei Partnership Architects.

The 26,000m2 Beijing Xingdebao 5S dealership includes sales of new and Premium Select (pre-owned) cars, VIP lounge and administrative offices. Service areas and parking is provided for over 250 cars. There is also a staff canteen and training centre.

Beijing Xingdebao 5S is now on track to be the first global BMW dealership to be awarded LEED Gold by the US Green Building Council.