BMW reveals Vision Future Luxury car

World renowned German car manufacturer BMW has released a saloon car concept that incorporates augmented display technology.

Vision Future Luxury is the latest translation of BMW’s Vision Head Up Display, which augments reality of the driver by projecting real-time information on the windshield like stop signs and speed limits.

Sensors are located on the exterior of the car’s front and they gather environmental data and translate it to a light source placed inside the instrument panel. The information is then projected on the windshield as a light shining through a translucent thin film transistor.

“The design of the BMW Vision Future Luxury is the messenger of our philosophy of modern luxury, one in which innovative technologies play a key and vital role,” said Karim Habib, head of design, BMW.

He added: “These innovations deliver a new, multifaceted luxury experience that spans intelligent lightweight engineering, innovative interior design and a radically new user interface design.”