Bjarke Ingels impressed by hip hop video job application

Bjarke Ingels, founder of Danish architecture studio BIG said he is  highly impressed by young job applicant Étienne Duval, whose cover letter is an animated hip hop music video asking to be hired by the firm.

The two-minute video has become a YouTube sensation, currently boasting up to 13,000 views. Ingels himself has posted a screen-shot of the video on his Instagram account with the caption “YO IS MORE- cover letter 2.0” with hundreds urging the architect to hire the applicant.

The image of Ingels sporting a sideways baseball cap and a gold chain, accompanied by the sentence: “I want to meet Bjarke and his hiphop ego” is circling the internet and social media channels.

Also included in the video are images of Duval himself, demonstrating the various jobs he’s had in the past and the many languages he speaks. Famous architects including Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano and Jean Nouvel also make an appearance in the clip.

In addition to writing and producing the film, the architect also compiled all the lyrics and composed the music, later adding the animation.

Although Ingels has not yet hired Duval, he has received a response and is expecting news on his application.