BIM Summit: Open up design technology use to everyone from clients to investors

Everyone from clients and investors to the person responsible for sweeping up a construction site can benefit from the potential of BIM.

That is the view of Andrew Milburn, associate of architect and design firm Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ).

Milburn said he advocates a policy of “open BIM”.

“What needs to happen is more people across the industry get involved in the use of BIM, those who are currently using it need to loosen their grip and get others involved” he said. “We need much more collaboration. From the initial stages right through to  end use and at all levels across the business.

“Even a person sweeping a site should be able to call his office and say what work they have done and ask where they need to go next.”

Milburn called on manufacturers to make a greater usage of BIM and took a quick count of what members of the BIM Summit 2016 felt cost the most in any project.

The audience voted that anywhere up to 70% of outlay went on materials – while just 10%  was required for architects and construction work.

“We aren’t we engaging these people [the manufacturers] more?” he asked the debate. “Is this the missing piece of BIM?

“Getting the manufacturers involved assist greatly in the collaborative process. Then technical solutions to issues will follow.”