BIM Summit: New benchmarks must be set, says Wil Sims, Arup

Clients and owner-operators should set new benchmarks when it comes to the use of BIM in the Middle East, according to a summit on design technology held in Dubai.

Will Sims is associate director at Arup and is currently finalising a template which will be adopted by both the UK and the Middle East as an industry standard for future projects.

“The industry is fragmented at present,” he said. “What is needs is collaboration across all sectors.”

The debate heard that although BIM stands for Business Information Modelling, it should be adapted to “BAM” or “Business as Normal”.

Steve Jolley of Bentley Systems added: “Because it enables the sharing of best practices BIM should be seen as the industry standard not as a differential.

“The differential should be merely how it is tweaked to be best applied on specific issues.”

Panellists at the event looking at the overall application of the technology agreed it can be used to highlight and solve potential problems and ensure smooth operation of a completed project.

“Using a virtual model to manage a physical asset is a dream,” said Jolley. “But it is a good dream.”