Indian architect to design Australian art pavilion

Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, India, is to design the third annual MPavilion in the Australian city of Melbourne, a temporary venue for art, interiors and architecture lectures and discussions.

Naomi Milgrom chair of Naomi Milgrom Foundation which runs the pavilion said: “Bijoy Jain is one of the world’s most fascinating architects.

“His approach to design reflects a deep concern for craft, sustainability and community. Studio Mumbai’s work inspires us all to reconsider the way we design and continues MPavilion’s interest in collaboration and global connectedness.”
Jain has had his work presented at the XII Venice Biennale and the V&A Museum and recently was awarded the Grande Medaille d’Or from the Academie D’Architecture in Paris.

He said: “I’m honoured to be commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation to design the next MPavilion in Melbourne. I want it to be a symbol of the elemental nature of communal structures. Like Naomi, I see MPavilion as a place of engagement: a space to discover the essentials of the world – and of oneself.”