BIG plans for Middle East media centre

Danish architect firm Bjarke Ingels Group has revealed its proposal for a “Media Headquarters” to be located in the Middle East.

“We have been inspired by the bazaars, the tiled ceramic roofs and the architectural use of textiles indigenous to the Arab world,” said BIG

“Media at its core is about communication between people. The Media Headquarters Building is designed to maximize the interaction between staff, visitors and audience under one common roof.”

The designers said that a single tensile canopy would span between two towers covering a “vertical village” of newsrooms and broadcast studios.

BIG added: “The archetypal character of the Media HQ building makes it a timeless icon capable of accommodating and projecting the ever changing needs of a dynamic and lively media organisation of today.

“Both a landmark and a communal space the Media Headquarter Building will become the heart of the entire media city attracting people from near and far. Several institutions framing a single forum. Two squares forming a single landmark”.