Architecture competition, Bee Breeder

Bee Breeder announces the winners of Nemrut Volcano Eyes Competition in Turkey

Bee Breeder, an international architecture competition organiser has announced the winners of the Nemrut Volcano Eyes Competition, where participants were tasked with designing a visitor observation platform on top of Nemrut, a dormant volcano in eastern Turkey. With the unique natural environment, including a caldera and a pair of lakes, the observation platform is intended to provide unobstructed views of the panoramic landscape. The jury encouraged submissions that were cost-effective, environmentally-responsible, and energy-efficient.

The first prize went to Fernando Irizarry, Marcos Ortiz, Gabriel Rivera from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. The group’s winning entry Upservatory (pictured above) takes inspiration from the cave sites seen from hot air balloons over the Cappadocia region in central Turkey.

The 20m2 platform hovers over the environment and is attached to a rail that controls its trajectory, moving from views of the city into the volcano’s crater. The platform is accessed from an entry station near the mountain’s ski lift. Once elevated, the deck  follows a guided rail cantilevered well over the peak’s edge, permitting visitors unrestricted views of the caldera and the surrounding areas.

The second prize was awarded to Keremcan Kirilmaz, Erdem Batirbek whose Nemrut Caldera Observation Route is inspired by the movement of a lava flow. The bridge from the ski station to the viewing station is comprised of corten rails and perforated stairs.

The third prize winner was a collective comprising Giuseppe Pastonesi, Desislava Georgieva, Marchela Varbanova, Nina Gerosa. Their proposal ‘A Walk Beyond the Edge’ is a triangulated platform with viewing points to the crater and Lake Van. Visitors can enter the steel and wood structure via a footbridge and opaque ‘tunnel.’ The platform “then dissolves as the wooden floor gives way to perforated decking and guardrails, allowing views below”.

The special Green Prize was awarded to  Sam Naylor, Elaine Stokes for their entry Obsidian and Steel, which consists of a series of weathered Corten steel retaining plates and scattered obsidian stones, which guide hikers towards the peak. As they walk on the natural terrain, the only guides are scattered poles of light. In the final approach, visitors are compressed between two walls of corten plates that begin to rotate, first directing views to the valley below and then revealing the caldera.

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