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Bedouin tent structure revealed for Swiss Pavilion by OOS for Dubai Expo 2020

Zurich-based architecture studio OOS has unveiled its winning design for the Swiss Pavilion for the Dubai Expo 2020, entitled ‘Belles Vues’ (Beautiful Views).

The concept of the pavilion centres around reflecting key aspects of Switzerland’s culture and nature, delivered through a series of interactive elements and images.

The architects teamed up with Swiss stenography studio Bellprat Partner and Zurich-based landscape architect  Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur und Städtebau to deliver the overall design of the pavilion.

The pavilion itself is created out of a construction of scaffold elements and textiles that reference temporary Bedouin tent structures, that are both easily installed and removed.

The construction, operation and maintenance of the pavilion all reflect the sustainable theme of the Expo, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

Based on the concept of a hike, visitors are invited to experience specific Swiss values by ‘hiking’ through the pavilion, subdivided into three individual paths, each reflecting the core themes: ‘Typically Swiss’, ‘Discover Opportunities and Possibilities’ and ‘Connecting Minds- Creating the Future’.

The first path starts at the huge funnel-shaped entrance of the pavilion, complete with a muti-faceted mirror facade that provides optical views and reflects the action happening below where guests queue up to enter the pavilion.

“While the audience slowly walks past the information transfer booths, it experiences a lot of “typical
Swiss”. In this area, the experience is particularly of visual nature: the guests in the queue actively shape the huge mirror image by their presence,” said Xavier Bellprat, Creative Director at Bellprat Partner.

“In this area, the experience is particularly of visual nature: the guests in the queue actively shape the huge mirror image by their presence,” he added.

Christoph Kellenberger, architect at OOS and general manager of ‘Belles Vues’ said: The focus is on the
international guests and the concern that they can experience Switzerland in a multi-layered way.”

Access to the second part of the hike is through a small opening in the funnel, described as a ‘needle in the form of a crystal cavity’.

The theme of the second path opens up to guests at the end of a short hike, a release from the architects states.

“In front of them [guests] opens the view of the spectacular Swiss mountain panorama. In time lapse, the guests experience in a multimedia show how the panorama runs through day and night as well as through the four seasons within six minutes,” the release said.

The entrance of the third, and last area, of the pavilion is located at the exit, where visitors are met with an element of virtual reality where they can take an active part in designing the final theme of the pavilion. Further details about this section of the pavilion have not yet been revealed.

The pavilion also includes a shop with Swiss products as well as a Swiss-Mezze restaurant.