Bahrain’s Milan Expo pavilion features a green oasis surrounded by white concrete

Dutch architect Anne Holtrop was commissioned to design Bahrain’s pavilion for Milan Expo 2015, featuring gardens of fruit trees surrounded by white concrete walls, creating a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Entitled Archaeologies of Green, it all started with the basic idea of looking at the country’s archaeological ruins from an abstract sketch, but instead of recreating the past, the architect looked to the future.

The project is created through a blend of arcs and straight lines with frames covering exhibitions as well as 10 garden spaces.

Working alongside landscape architect Anouk Vogel, the gardens contain various kinds of tress such as banana trees, lemon, olive and fig trees. Each of the trees will bear fruit at different times within the six-month duration of the exhibition.

Referencing Bahrain’s agrarian history was at the forefront of the concept for the pavilion. Bahrain’s history includes roots in ancient civilisations, giving way to various mythologies as well as being home to the Garden of Eden.

The green oasis is then framed by panels of pre-cast white concrete which is used to build the structure of the pavilion. The panels were connected to one another using dry joints, finished with brass fittings- like a puzzle.

The construction method of the pavilion will allow for the structure to be taken apart and transported back to its home in Bahrain.