Baharash Architecture, Eco tourism design

Baharash Architecture designs wildlife conservation centre featuring self-sustaining biodomes

Designed by Baharash Architecture, the Biodomes Wildlife Conservation Centre aims to boost ecotourism and conserve the mountainous regions of United Arab Emirates, which are home to rare species of indigenous wildlife.

Located in the Al Hajar mountains, the eastern region of the UAE, it will provide facilities for a wildlife conservation centre as well as an adventure-based wilderness retreat.

The architects have been tasked with designing three self-sustaining biodomes, which would be easy to assemble on site and provide visitors with a unique experience and a sense of being surrounded by nature. The pieces are made of prefabricated parts, featuring such attributes as 100% renewable energy, onsite wastewater recycling for irrigation and onsite waste management.

The project aims to champion sustainable ecotourism, which brings many benefits to local communities while also providing experiential travel opportunities to travellers.

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