BagnoDesign pioneers new showroom design

UAE: Located directly off Sheikh Zayed Road, BagnoDesign’s new showroom displays not only its latest two collections and product ranges from over 20 other brands, it also introduces a new Architectural and Design (A&D) Centre.

“This showroom for us is the centre of our business. If we are expanding into Africa or Central Asia or the Middle East, the clients will come here and we can have discussions here.

We have our model showroom in Deira, which is a pure BagnoDesign showroom, so we offer them that as a franchise model. But all our discussions are here,” explained Daryl Barker, managing director, Sanipex Group.

The showroom is quite traditional in its layout with products displayed in various settings; however, a new element for the showroom is the mezzanine floor, which adds a working element to the space.

Barker said: “We bring architects, designers and developers here—this is our sales office. So, we decided to create an A&D centre, because what happens is when you’ve got a developer coming in or an architect who’s doing a project, it’s very hard to work with him in a retail environment.”

According to Barker, while architects and designers want to see the products and witness them in their preferred settings, it’s hard for customers and sales professionals to get any work done with the chaos found in retail zones.

Barker added: “The designer wants to be in the showroom, but we didn’t have the facility to sit with the designer and work with him in a quiet area for each project.

So he brings his drawings, his ideas, and his concepts. He’s not only got bathrooms to do, he’s got public areas to do, too—he wants to be in the environment, but you can’t [focus] in the middle of a showroom with others always coming up asking ‘how much is this, how much is that’.

“So we created the A&D Centre, [which] we built the mezzanine floor [for], to create a dedicated area for architects to work in. And on the mezzanine floor, we show a lot of products that we never show in retail.”

In addition to BagnoDesign’s new showroom and the A&D Centre, the brand has also released two new collections which are sure to set the bar for sanitary ware design brands.

Such new collections include Bloomsbury and Urban, two ranges which strike different
ends of the style spectrum.

Barker explained: “We wanted to create two or three [aesthetic] displays to launch our new product lines, which include: Bloomsbury and Urban. [Bloomsbury] is classic and feminine, and echoes the elegant designs of previous decades like the 40s and 50s; it’s very elegant. It’s a very English look, but with the latest technology and the best quality material.”

He added: “Urban is a very contemporary range with clean lines for younger clientele who appreciate the more masculine and the more contemporary style.”