Baccarat lights up Fortress

Dubai-based designer Sam Farhang uses one of a kind Baccarat pieces for Fortress

Tell me about the Baccarat pieces you used?
The Baccarat pieces were used for Fortress, a private banking company in Dubai. My client wanted something unique and sophisticated. I have always admired the work of Arik Levy for Baccarat. He has a wonderful talent that combines tradition and innovation, extreme refinement and new technologies. I truly appreciate the way he brings the language of the present into the classical heritage of the brand.
For this project I have used chandeliers, floor lamps and pendant lights from Arik Levy’s ‘Torch’ collection for Baccarat.

How do they suit the spaces you used them in?
The contemporary style and character of this project was in need of unique pieces to bring out the luxurious nature of the furniture and the walls without overwhelming the space. The Torch collection encapsulated what I was aiming to achieve in a subtle yet pronounced way.

How do these products compare to others in the market?
Baccarat stands for prestige, glamour and unmatched workmanship. For me, the fascination goes beyond that because I have an emotional attachment to the brand. I was born and raised in Iran till the age of 16 and I have personally experienced the beauty of the brand in my own home as well as seen it in palaces of the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasty. It is safe to say that incorporating Baccarat as a brand in our homes and palaces has been intertwined with the Iranian culture for more than a century.

I have also visited the Masion Baccarat in Paris and understand the craft that goes into the making of these extraordinary pieces. The graceful movement of the crystal pieces either on our tables or hanging from our ceilings is poetry in space.

When it comes to a unique project that has to do with handmade luxury crystal, I would definitely think about Baccarat. There are other brands in the market but nothing would beat the craftsmanship, design and quality that Baccarat has to offer.

What environments are they most suitable for?
Any environment that demands respect, elegance and craves for the extraordinary. The beauty of the brand lies in its endless possibility in style and flair – from the most lavish classical pieces to the minimalist and the avant-garde Baccarat has something to offer.

Do you mix them with products from other brands?
I do. The first rule of design is that there is no rule. I believe that by combining the individual characteristics of different brands we can bring out the essence of each.