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Arup and CLS Architetti to create first 3D-printed house in Europe during Milan Design Week

Engineering firm Arup and Italian architecture firm CLS Architetti is set to 3D-print a one bedroom house at this year’s Milan Design Fair, taking place this month.

All images courtesy of Arup and CLS Architetti.

Described by the team as “Europe’s first 3D-printed one-bedroom house”, the project aims to highlight the potential of 3D-printing technology.

The house is currently being 3D in a square near Duomo cathedral and will be showcased during the event, and later dismantled to a location on the outskirts of the city. The team will then monitor how the structure performs over time.

The 100m2 single-storey house, called 3D Housing 05, consists of a living space, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

In order for the hasten the 3D-printing process, the concrete material is being mixed to allow it to cure quicker than a traditional time frame for the same job. The house is being printed by a robot from Cybe Construction, while the concrete is supplied by cement firm Italcementi.

Dubai has already built a functioning 3D-printed building in the city, the ‘Office of the Future’ designed by Killa Design, currently inhabited by the Dubai Future Foundation.







Images courtesy of Arup and CLS Architetti.