Artificial islands proposed for Istanbul

A series of man-made islands could form part of a development by Forum Studio close to Istanbul

The firm has released plans for “The Pearl of Istanbul”, a development situated along a natural bluff overlooking the Marmara Sea that will provide residential, cultural and retail venues for the city.

The project’s centerpiece will be the new marina, a string of man-made islands for boat parking that will function as an alternative to a seawall, protecting the development from harsh weather.

“The islands that shelter a tranquil marina resemble a string of pearls; a cascade of terraces on land is an homage to a shell’s undulating ridges,” the architects explain.

On land, six sculptural towers are planned to rise from a podium containing public spaces, restaurants, cafes and retail areas. Terraces in the base step down to the water, inspired by the natural plateaus of the region and creating outdoor areas for residents and visitors.