Architecture must move beyond “outdated 20th century” designs says Zaha Hadid

Urban design must move beyond previous forms to encapsulate the dynamism of life today, according to star architect Zaha Hadid.

“My ambition has always been to create fluid space,” she said. “Our clients have always been very interested in applying new design, construction and material technologies to improve living and working conditions, as well as to enhance communication and interaction between the users of a building.”

Speaking to Forbes magazine, Hadid also explained the part architecture can play in society and the development of the world – particularly with regard to urbanisation.

She said: “Architecture does not follow fashion, political or economic cycles – it follows the inherent logic of cycles of innovation generated by social and technological developments – and buildings must evolve with new patterns of life to meet the needs of its users.

“What is new in our generation are the much greater levels of social complexity and connectivity. With over 50 percent of the world’s growing population now living in cities, contemporary urbanism and architecture must move beyond the outdated 20th-century architecture of square blocks and repetition towards architecture for the 21st-century that manages the increasing complexities, dynamism and densities of our lives today.

“Consequently, my work is operating with concepts, logic and methods that examine and organize the complexities of our lives today.

“People ask, ‘Why are there no 90 degrees in your work?’ This is because life is not made in a grid. If you think of a natural landscape, it’s not even and regular – but people go to these places and think it’s very natural, very relaxing. I think that one can do that in architecture.”