Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality, Rashad Bukhash

Architecture of Dubai detailed in ‘dictionary’

Buildings which are constructed in the traditional heart of the city of Dubai are encouraged to use a ‘dictionary’ of the architecture of the emirate in its designs.

Eng. Rashad Bukhash, director of the Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality said in an interview with Middle East Architect, the department has created a handbook called ‘Elements of traditional architecture in Dubai’, containing guidelines to the architecture of Dubai, which shows 500 different designs of doors, windows and wind towers.

“Any modern building constructed in the heart of the city should take [inspiration] from this. New modern buildings with stainless steel and glass – that’s a complete no,” he said.

Even paints and colours used need to be traditional, using brown, light brown and yellows.

Eng. Bukhash was encouraged that other other buildings outside the centre of the city also get inspired from the book. He cited Madinat Jumeirah, Al Maha Resort, and the Bab Al Shams hotel.

“This is part of what the department is working on, to increase awareness of our identity. So when people look at Madinat Jumeirah, they know this is the architecture of the region, of the city,” he added.

He said the department is now working on an updated book with more than 1,200 designs, and said it will be a good reference for students of architecture as well. It is hoped the book will be finished by the end of 2012.