Architecture chapters across the world form new organisation

Following the collapse of Architecture for Humanity last year, chapters across the world have banded together to create a new organisation called Open Architecture Collaborative

More than 30 chapters have come together to form the new organisation, which aims to create community engagement through design.

The group’s stated mission is “design advocacy, facilitation, assessment and small build services to their local marginalised communities.”

“We believe in group up action, fueled by inclusive participation,” says the Collaborative on its website which adds the slogan: “Design makes it possible for everyone to dream and build.”.

Former volunteer and long-time collaborator Garrett Jacobs has overseen the relaunch, and is now serving as executive director.

“Our focus is community design, participatory design, and this is that accessible platform for people to do community work and to build the collaborations that redefine what architecture and design can be in the 21st,” he said in a YouTube video.