Architects vie to design park in former Gaddafi stronghold

A competition has been launched to turn Muammar Gaddafi’s former palace and military stronghold into a public park in the heart of Tripoli.

The project calls upon architects, planners and students to re-envisage the 2.3m2 Bab al-Aziza, which stands as a “symbol of fear and oppression” according to the competition website. reported that Oxford-based GBS Architects was approached by a well-connected client in Libya and has drafted a preliminary scheme.

“We hope the rebirth of Bab al-Azizia will come to powerfully symbolise the rebirth of the new Libya,” added the competition website.

The website stresses that the competition is not sponsored by the Libyan government. It stated: “The competition is not meant to result in awarding of actual contracts to formally design the new site.

“This is a preliminary call for open ideas, not sponsored by the Libyan government, to help shape inspire citizen participation and creative investment in the future of the country.”