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Architects and landscape designers need to cooperate more, says KEO’s Christian Reynolds

Christian Reynolds, vice president of design at KEO, says there needs to be greater cooperation among architects and landscape designers in the future to ensure a better built environment for years to come.

“I think we will continue to see a lot more attention paid to the built environment, in general, which means looking at how buildings sit in public spaces and at the importance of good public environments, as well as just good buildings,” he said.

According to Reynolds, ‘good public environment’ entails a couple of things, including cohesive design between land and buildings, and well detailed and landscaped parks and public walkways.

“In order to make sure buildings sit well in public spaces, it really comes down to how the building sits on the ground,” he added.

“All through the world, we see buildings that just look like they were plumped down without any thought to how they relate to even the sidewalk, so there’s an attention that needs to be paid to that interface between the ground and the building. Landscape design can enhance the building or fight with it, so it’s good to have a lot of cooperation between architects and landscape designers. Different elements of the built environment need to work together, rather than fight each other.”

Reynolds’ complete essay will be published in Middle East Architect‘s upcoming July issue, as part of its ‘Dubai: The Next Decade’ series. Other contributing voices include Phillip Jones from B+H Architects and Christian Vasquez from NEB.