Architect Luis Pons

Architect Luis Pons Designs “Chapel”

“Chapel” an organically shaped, meditation chamber designed by architect Luis Pons is part of Inventory 02: Soul Does Matter.

The exhibition showcases the work of a provocative group of designers who embrace the concept of limited production manufacturing in Miami, US.

“Chapel” offers a relaxed interior for one to four people. Upon entry, users experience a period of meditation, during which the chapel’s integrated lighting, sound, and aroma systems are set to create a calming atmosphere.

Meditation is followed via a video-conferencing mode, during which users engage in a two-way communication with an energy expert via the Chapel’s internet connected to a conferencing system.

When users leave the Chapel low-level lighting gently illuminates the interior until the next session begins.

“In the Chapel we leave the distractions and chatter of the everyday world behind,” said architect Pons.

“Here we are able to embrace and enhance our ability to reconnect to the energy source that is within ourselves and always available in the universe.

“The chapel’s organic shape is a symbol of life itself. Like a cocoon, it is a source of, and protective space for, birth, rebirth, renewal, and growth.”

The structure is made from 69 elliptical panels crafted from translucent white fabric that was custom designed, creating a soft oval interior space.

This interior space sits on an oval platform made of acrylic light cast cotton. A custom designed sofa bench offering seating for up to four people inside the Chapel is oriented toward a 42” audio/video LED display with integrated speakers.

The audio/visual system includes an Apple Mac mini control processor and computer, an HD web camera with a microphone, and an iPod Touch. A high-performance LED lighting system can be programmed to bathe the interior in various lighting schemes.

A native of Caracas Venezuela, Pons is an award- winning designer of private residences, hotels, interiors, furniture, jewellery and lighting.