Architecture, Chad Oppenheim, Wadi Rum Resort

Architect developing Middle East city for 150,000 people

Speaking at a TEDx event, US-based architect Chad Oppenheim said his firm has been given an opportunity to create a city in the Middle East, for 150,000 people.

While he mentioned the city is for an area neighbouring the UAE, when contacted, Oppenheim Architecture+Design said it was “not at liberty to say at this time” which country he was referring to.

In the talk, Oppenheim said the city is meant for “an area that was recently destroyed by the same dredging machines that created the wonderful islands in Dubai.”

He spoke at the TEDx MIA event, on recreational architecture, pointing out that architects must go beyond building “green” to actually rebuilding the Earth’s eco-systems.

He also showcased the Wadi Rum resort project, covered by Commercial Interior Design in 2011.

He added like many other architects, he was “drawn to the incredible, limitless possibilities in the Middle East.”

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