Mahmoud Shahin


Architect, Building, City by Mahmoud Shahin

Mahmoud Shahin is a leader in the field of sustainablity at P&T, the 10th largest architects in the world.

Renzo piano
Renzo Piano’s architecture had always fascinated me, he has achieved the ultimate equation of producing breath taking designs with the most sophisticated but yet neat details. Piano defines what architecture should be.

Torre Agbar tower
Barcelona’s Torre Agbar tower is a building that has it all. It’s simplistic in form and concept yet it manages to redefine the city’s skyline – one that is full of architectural masterpieces. It became the new symbol of Barcelona.

Tokyo is a city that can captivate an architect from the moment they start to look around. The dedication of the Japanese culture is reflected in the way the city was built. Every building is a masterpiece of architectural work.