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Arash G Tehrani’s contemporary mosque features extended plaza made of bricks

Iranian architect Arash G Tehrani’s Goshahr project in Alborz, Iran features a brick-work contemporary mosque that extends out to form a larger plaza comprising of several buildings also rendered in smooth-surfaced brick.

The mosque extension is a modern approach to traditional Persian architecture, where mosques are rarely built as single, solitary structures, but instead, are always integrated into a a wider urban context.

The project denounces ornamental elements found in mosque architecture, and instead focuses on the spirit of Persian architecture including its attributes and spatial layout, with an aim to create a mosque that is in line with contemporary forms, focusing on the necessary functions of the building.

The site is separated into four zones, due to its location between directly situated along a motorway with six pedestrian walkways.

The design began with the conjunction of the four zones that had to be merged into a single project, both in terms of aesthetic quality as well as functionality.

Each zone possesses a single function, whereas the square in between are used to merge the sites, creating a wider plaza that connects all areas of the project.