Arabic scripted luxury watch created by “Beirut’s Banksy”

Artist Yazan Halwani, known as “Beirut’s Banksy”, is behind the Arabic design for Tag Heuer’s latest smart watch.

The 23-year-old is best known for painting murals using a combination of Arabic calligraphy and portraits.

“My brief was to create an artwork from the Arab world, and I wanted to find a commonality between Arabic calligraphy and watchmaking,” Halwani said.

The lSwiss watchmaker had him design its first-ever integration of Arabic calligraphy into the digital face.

The words “time does not wait” (Al waqet la yantazer) appear with stylized calligraphy on the watch.

Halwani said: “The digital face represented a modern shift away from a traditional watch face. And Arabic calligraphy – created centuries ago in a specific script, size and repetitive, traditional art form – is something I’ve explored in different dimensions, too

“My design is supposed to invite people in the Arab world, and everywhere, to consider that they can still be progressive while always conserving their identity.”