Arabic design inspires huge Morocco bridge project

One of the longest bridges in the world is now in operation after it was opened by the man it is named after – the ruler of Morocco.

Designed and built by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group the Mohammed VI Bridge was inspired by Arabic architecture.

At 950m long and six lanes wide, with two 200m  tall towers and 160 cables, it is Africa’s longest cable-stayed bridge – a construction  technique where the towers are the primary load-bearing structures which then transfer the weight on the bridge to the ground. It links the cities of Rabat and Salé and spans a valley called the Oued Bouregreg,

To illuminate the new bridge and celebrate its inauguration, Philips Lighting dressed it in LED lights running along all the cables and pillars.

The architectural lighting effects by Philips Color Kinetics technology give the operators the option of choosing between up to 16 million colors for light shows all the way along the bridge.