New apartment to help rejuvenate downtown Beirut

As part of a larger master plan to rejuvenate the downtown Beirut area, Swiss Architects Herzog & De Meuron have designed “The Terraces,” a green waterfront apartment tower in Beirut lush with vegetation and hanging gardens.

The project is defined by five main principles: layers and terraces, inside and outside, vegetation, views and privacy, light and identity.

Designed as a complete “vertical village,” the structure will include amenities such as exercise facilities, a pool, common areas, and storage rooms.

The multilayered high rise will utilize five modular floor slabs to create individual residences set either backwards or forwards to create terraces and overhangs. Apartments are grouped into different formations, creating a sense of unique “neighborhoods” on the different levels. The structure will include 129 single, duplex and townhouse apartments, and will be supported by columns on a 14.7 meter grid.