Another 47km of walkways planned for Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh plans to build another 47 kilometres (km) of sidewalks and walkways in 18 new locations, the agency responsible for their construction has announced.

Riyadh Municipality developed 100km worth of sidewalks during the first phase of the project, with more than 130 km worth of walkways expected to be created when it reaches completion.

The project was undertaken to meet demand for outlets for exercising and hiking. Authorities said the sidewalks would also be disabled-friendly.

And the report states that local authorities aim to convert traditional road schemes into modern streets to enhance traffic safety and movement and accommodate for pedestrians without compromising environmental, architectural or urban structure.

Unused spaces may be converted into parking areas that can be used for commercial sites in coordination with the General Directorate for Investment Development at the Riyadh Secretariat, the Riyadh Traffic Department and other authorities.