Andre Meyerhans designs open-air mixed-use development for Muscat

A mixed-use development stretching along the main highway of Muscat has been designed by architect Andre Meyerhans.

An open-air retail area spans the entire development which opens to form t plazas, while a green roofscape serves as a recreational area.

Four residential towers, three office buildings and one hotel rise from the podium into the sky.

Meyerhans said: “The ground floor is slightly lifted above the existing surroundings and comprises predominately retail and food and beverage outlets.

“The development opens toward the central avenue, a lively pedestrian zone. Per each of the four sections, this avenue widens to a plaza and smaller alleys allow a connection to the surrounding city.

“The entire ground floor orients itself towards the main avenue – the façade looks out towards the street is used for delivery and architecturally closed. This opens opportunities of communication about the offers inside the mall shops..

“While the outdoor area on the ground floor has an urban character, the roof garden is the green lung of the development and invites to relax and recreate. Small bridges connect all the roofs which enhances the feeling of the community.”

Another feature is an artificial river winds its way from the side to the edge of the central plaza.

Otherwise the plaza is left open to accommodate street activities such as theatrical performances.

The floor pattern incorporates a few game boards such as backgammon, chess for adults and hopscotch for kids. Chairs are scattered about the plaza that can be moved and grouped depending on the group size and the activity.