Al Nadi Tower is tribute to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s skyline has a new addition in the form of the red and white coloured Al Nadi Tower.

It faces Al Mariya Island and Al Reem Island and is set within the premises of The Club, a private members sport, leisure and dining establishment.

The structure, which has a viewing platform on the top,  has been built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the organisation which was founded by expatriates.

British ambassador to the UAE Dominic Jermey called it a “fantastic addition” to Abu Dhabi’s cityscape at the opening ceremony.

Al Nadi tower has been designed by a Dubai-based Swiss architect Andre Meyerhans, who is known for building tea kiosks and art structures on the Marina Walk in Dubai.

The structure, which is inspired by Arabic designs was conceived out of several ideas said Hamish Macdonald, chairman of The Club, which has 4,500 members from 85 nationalities. It is designed to pay tribute to Abu Dhabi and its people.

A skin of tiles in the form of a traditional Islamic pattern clads the tower and gaps between the tiles allow visual contact between the inside and the outside, while a spiral staircase provides access to the viewing area. During the night the tower is illuminated from within.

In November 2011, Prince Andrew visited Abu Dhabi on behalf of the British royal family and unveiled the conceptual drawings of the structure.

“The tower itself is a project that evolved around the concept of a lighthouse. The design was based on ideas of an organic shape referring to the characteristics of contemporary, Arabic architecture and traditional patterns that anchor it in the rich, local culture,’’ Macdonald said.