Al Barari pioneers new luxury development

Having recently launched the highly successful Seventh Heaven earlier this year, Al Barari sets to begin work on the second phase of its development with new luxury project Ashjar.

Meaning ‘trees’ in Arabic, Ashjar will consist of 300 spacious residences designed around luxurious gardens.

“Since its inception, Al Barari has always been different from all other developments in Dubai and Ashjar exemplifies this. It is the result of all our learnings from previous chapters and I am very proud of this next phase,” said Mr. Mohammed Zaal, CEO of Al Barari.

The project will consist of varying styles and was awarded to 10Design, who also worked on the previous Seventh Heaven property.

The three styles include: Category A, which referes to a ‘stepped out’ design inspired by Seventh Heaven; Category B, which entails more Arabesque styling; and Category C, which will stand as a fusion of the two previous.


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