Airliner turned arts space lands at Burning Man festival

A converted Boeing 747 has been installed at Burning Man — the temporary gathering held annually in Nevada’s Black Rock desert landscape.

An extensive program of large-scale, experiential art installations sited across the vast landscape are planned around the festival’s 2016 theme “Da Vinci’s workshop”.

Interior of the converted plane

The 747 Project was seven years in the making and the converted aircraft offers a programme of speakers, events and parties on board relate to the overarching to the theme of powerful dreams, purposeful destinations and big imaginations.

Throughout the duration of the festival and beyond, the plane will serve as a venue, showcase, and incubator for music, art, live performances, experiences, and inspirational talks.

Design studio Big Imagination and its volunteer team of more than 100 makers, creators, artists and engineers embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the project.

The team gutted, reconstructed, extended, and reinforced the plane, while refurbishing the cockpit and installing new staircases. It was then taken to the Mojave Desert, where sections have been bolted together to create the art experience.