AGi architects design factory-like church for Seville

Spanish- Kuwait firm AGi Architects designed the La Ascension del Senor church, located in Seville, Spain, that appears more like a factory building.

Various planes that form the roof include apertures that light up the interiors as well as distinguishing the separate interior spaces.

“One of these folds steeps up to become the bell tower, through no bells have been installed due to the economic situation,” the architects told design blog, Dezeen.

“The shape of the building relates to its context through the idea of unfolding a cover that creates a place for meeting and fraternisation, in contrast with the rigid look of the dwelling buildings where the individualised everyday life takes place.”

The church connects to a large courtyard that is then attached to a community parish centre.

Providing a meeting space for community activities, the stone- tile courtyard extends into the building’s interior with a series of doors uniting both spaces.