Architecture, Flying cars, Joe Tabet, JT+Partners

Advancements in transportation are impacting Dubai’s architecture, says Joe Tabet from JT+Partners

According to Joe Tabet, managing director at Dubai-based JT+Partners, the future of architecture is quickly arriving in response to advancements being made in transportation and technology. Within the next 10 years, he said, Dubai will start planning for urban development that’s “outside of the box”.

“In 10 years, I see Dubai building in the air. I mean look at what’s happened to Dubai in the last 15 years. If we stick to this rhythm and direction then we can achieve anything,” he said. “Sometimes I’m reminded of the movie ‘The Fifth Element’. It came out 10 years ago and we saw the cars flying in the air, and we thought ‘that’s the future’. And now BMW is testing flying cars and the RTA has the flying taxi. So really, the future is here.”

Tabet added that while urban development is currently operating on an x and y grid, soon, it will include a z component — meaning that architecture, and city mapping in general, will move beyond traditional spatial layouts.

“All of these vertical cities that we’re hearing about, well I believe we’ll actually start seeing them after 10 years – probably much later than that but Dubai will be planning for this reality,” he said. “And as architects and developers, it will be our responsibility to monitor how this affects people’s lives.”

A complete Q+A with Tabet will be published in Middle East Architect‘s upcoming July issue, as part of its ‘Dubai: The Next Decade’ series. Other contributing voices include Phillip Jones from B+H Architects and Christian Vasquez from NEB.