Abu Dhabi’s desert eco-retreat uses solar energy and smart technology

An environmentally friendly desert retreat is the latest creation of Baharash Architecture

Located in Liwa, Abu Dhabi, it is “in harmony with the pristine and untouched desert-scape” say the design team.

The retreat is completely energy self-sufficient, using solar panels as it generates and stores clean power in battery units.

Other features include smart glass windows to offer instant privacy at the flick of a switch, an indoor herb garden, and a central fire place for social interaction which was a key part of the Bedouin heritage.

Staying inside the eco-retreat, in the heart of a beautiful desert, is a rejuvenating experience. The retreat will provide genuine exclusivity and tranquillity in an area which has remained unspoiled for centuries, and is home to a thriving wildlife such as onyxes, gazelles and camels.

“UAE has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region, such as Liwa, which is a perfect destination for eco retreats” said Baharash Bagherian, founder of Baharash Architecture.

“We are seeing a new generation of Emiratis who are looking to lead a more sustainable life style, in line with UAE’s vision to become one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Thus eco-retreats are a great sustainable alternative to the usual jet-setting trips”.