Abu Dhabi launches online design approvals system

bu Dhabi City Municipality (ADCM) has launched a new e-service involving the activation of the online Infrastructure Designs Approval System (IDAS), aimed at the automation of procedures and municipal services.

The service was unveiled during an induction workshop held by ADCM’s municipal assets and infrastructure sector, and attended by representatives of consultancy offices, developers, and operators of the system.

In accordance with the new online IDAS, the consultant will be able to communicate directly through online channels with the concerned sections as regards approvals of designs submitted to the municipal assets and infrastructure sector.

The transaction progresses over a simple approval line starting with the submission by the consultant, receipt by the design section at the Municipality where a reference number is assigned, following which it is referred to the design manager.

The proposal then moves for technical audit at the design section, before being referred to technical specialists for multi-faceted reviews covering traffic studies, traffic safety, street lighting, rainwater drainage, geotechnical studies, landscaping and irrigation, and construction and design of pavements.

The transaction is then prepared for the electronic approval by the design section, after which it is passed to consultant who will be communicated by e-mail and SMS upon the final processing.

The new system enables the linking of projects using GIS (geographic information system), state agency WAMreported.

The workshop presented a statistical comparison between paper and online transactions in terms of average time taken in submitting one transaction by ADCM .

It was found that the preparation and signing of the application by the concerned officials takes 240 minutes using paper transactions including the typing of documents and layouts, endorsing them by concerned officials through the consultant, and delivering and registering them in ADCM’s archives.

However, the new system takes two minutes, and the preparation of paper attachments requires about 10 minutes.

“The conventional style of paper-based transactions requires 24 folds of the time needed for the online application”, the report added.

The paper transaction costs around $318 (AED1,171), whereas the online transaction costs $8 (AED30).

The paper application costs the consultant around 38 times the cost of the online application.