Abu Dhabi hotel pioneers grey water reuse system

The Premier Inn Hotel at Abu Dhabi International Airport – due for completion later this month – has achieved a Pearl 2 rating, partly due to its pioneering grey water reuse system.

The facility is the first in the emirate to recycle used wash basin, bath and shower water, which is treated and later reused in toilets and for watering the surrounding landscape.

Additionally, solar collectors on the roof provide 25% of the complex’s hot water production and an evaporative pre-cooler to the air conditioning chillers further reduces energy costs.

Danny Leslie, sustainability consultant at BAM International, the contractor behind the project added: “We incorporated a waste management plan that allows for over 85% of construction and demolition debris to be recycled or salvaged.

In terms of indoor environmental quality, all adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used on the building interior are low emitting, contributing to a less toxic indoor environment.

Due to the environmental impact associated with shipping materials, BAM International procured as many materials as possible from the local area. This included using local manufacturers for tile, aluminium cladding, glass, and block work.”

As part of Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030, the emirate’s Urban Planning Council has instituted mandatory green building regulations for all new projects.

All new projects must obtain at least a basic ‘Pearl 1’ rating, according to the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS).