Architect, Benjamin Piper, Building, City, Killa Design

ABC series: Benjamin Piper, Killa Design on his architectural favourties

In this series called ABC, we choose an architect from the region and ask them to share their ABCs: their favourite architect, building and city.

Benjamin Piper, partner and design principal at Killa Design is the first in the ABC series, revealing his inspirations and professional favourites.

Architect: Geoffrey Bawa

I love the way that he uses simple, locally available materials to create spaces that merge architecture and nature.

Building: Rietveld Schröder House

When I visited it, I was struck by how incredibly modern it was yet, at the same time, it has a very charming, handmade quality of brass wheels and thin wooden panels. It worked beautifully on both an abstract and physical level.

City: Sana’a, Yemen

I went to Sana’a for a visa run, and it blew my mind. The place appeared like a film set of an Arabian period movie. It has such a rich urban quality and the people were incredibly generous.