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A public pavilion with swing-like hammocks have been proposed for Dubai

Katayoun Lazar + Pinkcloud has proposed a recreational pavilion featuring huge swing-like hammocks for the Bur Dubai district of Dubai, to encourage more public amenities for the area.

Entitled Dubai Smiles, the pavilion aims to tackle the lack of social infrastructure in the area. The public installation features a giant swing set underneath a dynamic billowing canopy.

The structure is made of two materials including metal frames and fabric, making it easy to assemble. Shorter lengths of fabric are draped over metal frames to create shaded canopies while longer lengths of fabric create a sea of swings, hammocks, and chairs.

Resulting in a sea of swinging hammocks, the idea is to create something that needs no instructions, the architects explained.

“Dubai Smiles seeks to address the lack of soulful, shaded, rest and play areas for adult residents in the Bur-Dubai district of Dubai. Bur-Dubai is a predominantly lower-income Southeast Asian immigrant enclave located on the Western side of the Dubai Creek, with a population that is mostly adult and male,” the architects said.

Visitors can also move deeper into the pavilion “to a peaceful oasis” where noises are reduced and “tranquility is found through layers of fabric”.

“Currently, public amenities in Bur-Dubai are paltry to nonexistent, with no public parks, recreational, or shaded areas within a one kilometer radius of the neighborhood. On many days, residents and workers, escaping the afternoon sun, resort to lying on the streets, resting under makeshift tents, or napping under various items of merchandise. The lack of social infrastructure provides for minimum opportunities to gather, relax, or play in public during or after working hours.

“Dubai Smiles encourages visitors to play and form their own spaces, temporarily free from the stresses of urban living and the intense desert sun. We believe it can be a new model for collective play in Dubai and serve as an unprecedented neighborhood amenity for everyone in Bur Dubai.

“Dubai Smiles is a design for gathering, respite, and joy,” the architects explained.