Dubai Design District Phase Two by Foster + Partners revealed

The second phase of Dubai Design District, created by UK studio Foster + Partners, was unveiled at Cityscape Global.

Aimed at attracting members of the creative business community, the second phase expansion includes 100 hectares of built-up space to serve as a cultural centre. It is expected to be completed by 2018.

It will also comprise offices, co-working communal facilities, outdoor display venues and pedestrianised spaces.

“Approaching the brief, our first step was to explore the balance of activities in a successful, youthful, creative hub, and to understand the aspirations of the different users,” said Gerard Evenden, studio head at Foster + Partners.

“We analysed the way that spaces were being used, and then brought a variety of functions together to encourage collaboration between disciplines. This, combined with the highly flexible modules, will help to create a thriving, self-sustaining community.”

The plan is to further expand on a growing centre for local designers and international brands.

“We intend to offer flexible workspaces, workshops and galleries. All constructed around a central courtyard,” said Mark Stubbs of D3.

“We will offer them the chance to create a real community of architects, interior designers and artists of all types. We have already had a lot of interest and that is sure to grow as construction of Phase Tw gets underway.”