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3rd Skin Architects completes Tehran office space for Fantoni that blends indoors with outdoors

3rd Skin Architects, lead by Samaneh and Amir Ghasempour, has recently completed a new 180m2 office space in Tehran for Italian office furniture brand Fantoni.

With the design informed by the office’s prime position — it’s in close proximity to popular city spots like Tehran’s mosque and Mir-e-Jam Park, and it’s also the top unit of the building, which offers rooftop and terrace access — the recently designed space extends the interiors outward, and combines indoor and outdoor boundaries.

The office boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape as well as contribute to the perception that there is little division between the indoors and outdoors.

“The quality of the workspace was the design strategy goal, and we used the rooftop space to achieve it. The definition of the [social] spaces was made possible by considering the capabilities of the project,” said the architects in a statement.

The interiors are complete with minimalist furniture, while the rooftop refrains from excessive detailing as well, and bares benches that are carved into the architecture. 3rd Skin Architects worked with suppliers Flos, Fenix, Flexform and Consentino.

“The basic idea for the interior design is to define frames and separate functions by emphasising them,” the architects said. “Frames are defined in two ways: volumes and in-wall frames. The volumetric spaces contain intermediary spaces like corridors, waiting rooms and so on. In-wall frames create access to open spaces and define openings.”