Counterfeit Dornbracht fittings seized in Frankfurt

A total of 1, 057 counterfeit items, including 35 Dornbracht fittings, were seized during a customs inspection on the first day of ISH trade fair in Frankfurt.

Dornbracht’s classic Tara Logic is one of the firm’s most pirated products with the 2009 release Supernova also popular as a counterfeit.

“Imitations cost jobs,” said Cornelis Friedrich, risk manager, Dornbracht. “We could create up to 100 new jobs at our location in Iserlohn if there were no copies of our fixtures on the market.”

24 questionable trade-fair stands were inspected and exhibits were immediately removed from the stands with the intention to destroy them once proceedings have been completed.

In addition, security of almost $30,000 was collected from the plagiarisers.

“With the annual customs inspection at ISH we want to send a clear signal against product counterfeiting. Imitators must be firmly called to account, because they are harming not only the companies they copy but unsuspecting customers as well,” explained Andreas Dornbracht, CEO, Dornbracht.

“A further security measure is the labelling of all Dornbracht fittings with the company logo,” explained Cornelis Friedrich. “That way, original products are then even more clearly distinguishable from imitations.”