190 skyscrapers built in Dubai since 2000

Almost 190 skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa, have been built in Dubai in the last 15 years, a staggering figure compared to London’s 23 for the same period.

A property expert claims tall buildings are also gaining popularity around the world as urbanisation continues to grow.

China will boast 800 buildings above 152 metres by the end of next year.

Paul Philipp Hermann, co-founder and managing director of emerging markets-focused real estate platform Lamudi, claimed developers see the profitability of building tall.

“Skyscrapers are increasingly popular in the emerging markets, not just for house-hunters looking for residential housing, but for real estate investors too,” he said.

“These developments address the issue of land shortages, overcrowding, supply versus demand, and lacking business space, all in one building.”

Knight Frank’s Skyscrapers 2015 report claims skyscrapers are “the optimum means of addressing major economic and geographic challenges facing cities today”.

Hermann continued: “Not only are more people moving into emerging cities, so are businesses.

“More companies than ever are operating worldwide, leading to increased demand for office units, and as a result, we are seeing a rise in mixed-use developments.

“Skyscrapers provide the perfect solution for these large-scale projects, which require a large amount of space in cities that do not necessarily have much land available,” he added.