123 buildings uninhabitable after Taiwan quake

A total of 123 buildings in Tainan City have been listed as dangerous after the recent earthquake in Taiwan which killed 116 people.

The city’s Public Works Bureau says six structures with severe damage must be demolished immediately, while the others are not suitable to be lived in.

Tainan’s vice mayor Zeng Xuzheng said: “Our work today is to clean up the waste and steel on the Yongda road, carry out resurfacing, and re-open it open to traffic. Disinfection is also on-going in the surrounding areas, so far we are sterilising both the south and the north.”

The U-shaped 17 storey residential Wei Guan Green Dragon Building collapsed seconds after the 6.4 magnitude quake, accounting for 114 deaths.

Tainan’s prosecutor’s office has summoned Lin Minghui, the contractor builder of the Wei Guan Building for questioning.

It has also issued a property sequestration of his company while collecting evidence for possible faulty design and fraud in construction.

Tainan city mayor Lai Qingde has also urged some residents to wait before moving back into their homes, and promises government assistance in rebuilding and relocation saying: “Although the houses are not listed on the dangerous list, I would suggest you not go back. At least wait until we help you make it safe, then you can go back in.”

The search and rescue operation has now ended as the bodies of all missing residents have been discovered.