1000 foot walls proposed to surround Central Park for more natural space

Designers Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu have proposed a “hybrid muti-functional megastructure” planned to allow New York’s Central Park to be made available to more people.

Awarded first place for eVolo’s Annual Skyscraper Competition, the project attempts to make green space more accessible to a larger amount of people by digging down to the bedrock beneath Central Park. This creates new inhabitable space along the exposed cliff-face.

Since New York is so densely populated by skyscrapers, the 1.3m2 of natural land becomes available to only a small percentage of New Yorkers.

“The ambition is to reverse the traditional relationship between landscape and architecture in a way that every occupiable space has direct connection to the nature,” said Sun and Wu.

The 100 feet tall, 100 feet deep megastructure creates a floor area of 7 square miles, amounting to 80 times more than the Empire State Building.



The structure wraps around all four sides of Central Park, breaking the traditional system of large-scale skyscrapers without taking away ground area.


The soil that is removed from the original park will be relocated to various neighbourhoods, which will then be demolished and moved into the new structure.



The designers explained: “This creates a new urban condition, where landscape can serve as an inherent part of the city. With its highly reflective glass cover on all sides, the landscape inside the new park can reach beyond physical boundaries, creating an illusion of infinity. In the heart of New York City, a new horizon is born.”