P&T Architects and Engineers

P&T Architects and Engineers reveals concept design for new multi-billion AED development in Dubai
09 Jan 2019
International architecture practice P&T Architects and Engineers has revealed its concept design for Dubai’s new multibillion AED development, CommerCity, a more...
Cities are changing in ways that are increasingly hard to predict, says P&T’s James Abbott
17 Dec 2018
Cities are now changing in ways that architects, planners and developers are having a hard time understanding, said P&T’s director more...
P&T's Sima Mounla hopes to contribute to Syria's reconstruction
30 Sep 2018
“The reason I wanted to study architecture was that the year I graduated from high school, the Syrian [Civil War] more...
Dubai’s Five Palm Jumeirah by P&T Architects and Engineers stretches toward the sea
06 Nov 2017
After exiting off D94 onto Palm Jumeirah’s main road that carries drivers across the island, a large new luxury resort more...