Iranian architects

Tehran tower designed to combine cryptocurrency mining with a water park in response to US sanctions
10 Jun 2019
Iranian architects Ilia Attarpour, Dadbeh Mohebbi Gilani and Ramtin Taherian designed a skyscraper to combine cryptocurrency mining with a water park more...
Hajizadeh & Associates designs a concept for a boatman’s clubhouse along Iran’s Caspian Sea coastline
31 Jul 2018
Designed for Fereydunkenar, a county in Iran’s central-northern province of Mazandaran, which is located along the country’s coastline of the more...
Iranian architect Alireza Taghaboni wins Royal Academy Dorfman Award for promising architects
08 Jul 2018
Iranian architect and founder of Tehran-based Next Office, Alireza Taghaboni, has been named winner of the inaugural Royal Academy Dorfman more...
Cristiano Luchetti interviews MEA Awards Architect of the Year Farshad Mehdizadeh
01 Mar 2018
What does it mean to be an outsider? For one, the word refers to a person who does not belong more...
Iranian press highlights local architects honoured at Middle East Architect Awards 2017
23 Jan 2018
Iranian news channel, TW TV discussed award-winning and shortlisted Iranian architects at the 2017 Middle East Architect Awards.The five architects, more...
Meet U+A’s Iranian architect Narges Rowshanzamir
06 Aug 2017
Emerging architect Narges Rowshanzamir, a graduate of the American University of Sharjah, joined U+A Architects in September 2016, and has, more...